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I just came to know that Barry Manilow, lived with his mother, as his parents had separated. I would like to know, was Manilow in contact with his father, after he moved with his mother. I am also curious to know, about Manilow’s grandparent’s nationality. Help, me find the right answers to these queries.

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  1. Mitchel

     Barry Manilow’s mother was known by the name Edna Manilow she was married to Barry’s Father Henry Kelliher.
    The couple split after Barry Manilow turned two. Barry as a result was raised by his mother and eventually took his Mother's maiden name Manilow.
    Although, Manilow’s birth name was "Barry Alan Pincus", his date of birth is June 17, 1943. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. His parents, Harold and Edna Pincus, could not continue with their married life, and had to annul their marriage. Barry was raised by his mother and his Russian-Jewish grandparents.
    Barry on his thirteenth birthday, made two life changing decisions, first crucial step that he took wa to change his last name to "Manilow", which is his mother's maiden name. And the second important thing the Barry did in his teen did, was to pursue singing and playing the piano and the accordion.
    Barry Manilow has not been ion close relationship with his father; it is believed that last time he met his father in his concert, where he walked backstage, to inform Manilow that he performed well. Some of Manilow’s songs also highlight his troubled relationship with his estranged father

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