Barry back with Linda??

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Barry Manilow has been in a long time relationship with Linda. But recently they broke up, I just heard this rumor, that they are currently living together. Is it true, that they are back again? I hope that you can provide me with the right answer. I even heard this rumor, from a friend of mine, who told me that her friend met Linda Allen at Hilton and she confirmed this news from Linda Allen, and she told in affirmation that she and Barry are back together again. My friend even went on saying that Barry confirmed it. I was even told by her, that this news had been published in a German newspaper that he and Linda have grown back together again. I am doubtful about this news; to me it looks pretty fake. I believe Linda is married to an attorney. It’s strangely amusing, that how everybody can cook saucy stories.

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  1. Mitchel

     It’s nice to know, that you have come here to get a solution for your query. Rumors, here say and speculations are an integral part of celebrity’s life. It’s really an amazing story that you have narrated about Linda’s and Manilow’s reunion. According to the valid and truthful information that I have Barry and Linda left each other around 2000 and she is currently married to an attorney. Even, Barry has mentioned in his recent interviews that he is currently living alone in Palm Springs with his two Labrador Retrievers. So, its better not to believe in the rumors spurned by the resourceful rumor mills.

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