Does Barry hang out with his friends a lot and what do they do together?

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Barry Manilow is a popular American singer, i am a big fan of him, i believe he works really hard. I am curious to know, about Barry's social activities. Does, he spend time with his close friends. Please help me know, the details.

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  1. Mitchel

     You have asked an interesting question, that whether Barry usually hangs out with his friends. It all depends upon Barry’s schedule; he is living a pretty busy life. Barry is always travelling across the country, for his various music concerts. I guess, Barry’s band and his backstage singers who sing with him are just like a family to him. Even Barry had once mentioned in the \"Music and Passion\" DVD that his band and singers, who are always present in his show are just like his brothers and sisters. Most of the time Barry, is accompanied with his band members, whenever he goes to some social gathering like music shows. He hangs out with them; they drink and eat together after a show. Some of his popular friends are Suzanne Somers and her husband, who are also his neighbors. Alan Hamel is also one of his good friends, with whom he likes to go out on dinners. In addition to these close friends, Barry has some other good friends and collaborators like Bruce Sussman, Jack Feldman, Marty Panzer and Adrienne Anderson. Barry knows all these people for decades, as he had been working with them in most of his music projects. It is enough to say, that Barry has a superb support system, and there are many people who are concerned about him.


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