Is Barry Manilow a shy person?

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Barry Manilow is a renowned American singer, whose career spans over several decades. I am curious to know, is Barry Manilow a shy person in reality. Has anyone met him in person, how he behaves with his fans. Please help me know these details?

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  1. Guest23201703

     Barry Manilow is a regular person, and like every other person he can be shy in the presence of strangers. I met him on a record signing event, and I personally found him to be a really nice person. Though he is such a legendary singer, but as a human being he is generous and down to earth.

  2. Mitchel

     Barry Manilow beyond doubt is one of the most successful entertainers in America; he has been successfully performing in America, for last four decades. He has millions of fans all over the world. Good thing about Barry’s nature is that he has not let all this fame get in to his head. He is just a simple, regular person. Some of my friends got the chance to meet him in person and they had positive views about Barry. One of my friends, who recently met Manilow at a public record, recalled that Barry is a soft-spoken, person. He has a warm, down-to-earth, and charming personality. He recalled that Barry is a bit shy, especially if he is meets someone for the very first time. I believe, it’s totally natural to feel shy in front of new people. As, many people feel shy when they first meet someone, but with the passage of time as formality decreases, shyness also disappears.

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