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I have a couple of questions. Number One - does Barry own two homes? He mentioned in a recent interview that he had two homes. Number Two: How sad that Barry and Linda Allen separated after so many years of being so close. Have they kept in touch? Number three: Why do you feel that Barry decided (after so many interviews stating that the Vegas Bash would be his ONLY concert this year)to take on over twenty concerts in the round? How come?

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  1. Harry

    The answer to the first question is yes. Barry owns property in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Florida and according to sources, in the New York City as well. Secondly, as far as the relationship of Barry and Linda Allen is concerned they still remain good friends and keep in touch occasionally. Now talking about the Vegas/ concert tour fiasco, there cannot be an answer other than to direct you to Barry's management. Maybe it is because Vegas and Blenheim sold so well and they felt the demand was there. There were certain witnesses during the whole Vegas bash and at Blenheim in the following month, as well as when the tour was announced, and by no means, was it met with great applause. There are a lot of mixed feelings over the whole thing. As well as the price of 'packages' and the fact that the BMIFC have shut down the official message board. This whole tour thing was a business decision and one really believes, Barry is not to be blamed.

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