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I have my question regarding my favourite singer and song writer of all times, Barry Manilow. I want to know about his personal life as there have been several concerns about it. To be straight forward my question is that is Barry married or single? Besides the other question I wish to ask is if Barry is straight or a g*y male?

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  1. Harry

    Barry has been a very well known bachelor over the years. The only marriage that he had was back somewhere in the sixties. He married his school sweetheart whose name was Susan Deixler. Unfortunately, their marriage did not prove to be successful and did not last for a very long time. After a period of only 18 months, the love story came to an end as the marriage of Barry and Susan ended up in a divorce. This incident went on to be so much nerve shattering for Barry. The divorce had such an effect on Barry Manilow that he seemed to have vowed that he will never ever look to marry ever again in his life. He did happen to have a couple of affairs, he has spent a long time of his life with a woman whose name was Linda Allen. Besides there was another woman named Roberta but she was known rather as she had sung a few duets with Barry. Now as far as the question that if Barry is a g*y or straight, then he is certainly not a g*y man, he is straight.

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