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I have my question regarding the albums of Barry Manilow. I am looking for a Barry Manilow album, but I am not sure about the name and the date of release. As per my information, it is covered with a yellow background, with Barry wearing a Pinstripe suit or a Jacket. I have been searching many music shops but not able to find it. If I want to place an order, so what should I do in that regard?

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  1. Harry

    There have been so many albums released by Barry Manilow. Once can expect each album in each year to be having a different cover and the colour scheme. Somehow, this has also happened that not all the covers in a certain release happen to be the same. If for instance, the cover is somehow similar to some extent, there might be a possibility of a different colour scheme. For this reason, it is important, so as to find an album, the year in which the album was released or the list of songs. If nothing, atleast the title song or the famous song in the album should be remembered. With simply searching an album with its cover may probably a bit too difficult. Now there is a chance that the album you are searching for is called simply Manilow. It was released in 1985 on the RCA label. Barry made a brief foray to RCA after his first Arista contract expired. The contract only lasted a year, and later in 1987 Barry was back at Arista, where he released his album Swing Street.


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