Barry Manilow in his personal life

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My sister told me that Barry recently in an interview said that he was g*y. She said that that explained why he looked ill recently, because he had HIV. According to Barry Net he was sick from stress recently, and also he was a guest on Ellen Degeneres show in April, so I wonder if that has caused a rumor or if he really is g*y? It is not that I would love him any less for it, I just know that my sister has told me plenty of things that were not true because she heard a rumor or only half-heard something.

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  1. Harry

    There have been number of news concerning Barry Manilow, which is very much obvious as he is a big music star, a gorgeous singer and an equally good song writer. The field with which Barry Manilow is associated is full of rumours and controversies. Just to put all of these rumors to rest and off the record, this is being clearly stated that, Barry Manilow is not g*y. As far as his stress is concerned, it was related to an irregular heartbeat he had had, which was caused by a legal matter he was going through at that particular point of time. At present, by some way or the other, the matter has been settled and in his favor and as far as his health goes, Barry is really fine. He did get a clean bill of health from his doctor right after that scare he had.

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