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My wife is a very big Manilow fan. I was looking on, and noticed that his tour is called One Night Live- One Last Time. Is this any indication that is planning on retiring or maybe not touring any more after this? I really need to know so that I can make sure she goes to this concert if it is the last time. Thanks!

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  1. Harry

    It is possible that the One Night Live!-One Last Time! Tour could be Barry's last arena tour; however,it is doubtful that this will be Barry's last concert tour ever. Of course, it is an opinion, and Barry management did not comment when asked if this would be Barry's final concert tour. However, one thinks that the career of Barry is hot right now, and there has been a renewed interest in all things Manilow ever since the Ultimate Manilow CD was released in 2002. It was evident from the last tour in 2002 that Barry is enjoying the concerts more than ever now. Also, from what is heard regarding Barry doing his recent show at Mandalay Bay in Vegas, the fact that Barry is really enjoying his concert performances is still very obvious. That is an opinion if this upcoming tour is as successful as the last tour in 2002, it is doubtful that he will quit touring at a time when his career is going so well. We will just have to wait and see how the tour turns out, but there is a feeling it will be very successful.

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