Barry, Linda & Roberta

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I have my question regarding the autobiography of Barry Manilow in the name Sweet Life. I have just finished reading it and I cannot even begin to tell how much I loved it. I do have a question though, were Barry and Roberta romantically involved? From what I read, he does not really say. Yet I was under the impression that he was still with Linda at that time.

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  1. Harry

    Barry had his first marriage with his childhood love whose name Susan Deixler. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and after a period of less than two years, the long love relationship ended up in a divorce. This incident proved to be so much shattering for Barry that he seemed to have vowed not to marry ever again in his life. Today he is almost nearing his seventies and still known as a bachelor. He has been involved with Linda in a relationship which went on to be as much as for over 30 years. This was something very much surprising that Barry and Linda never married each other. Once they were seemed to be engaged in some romantic relationship but it never turned into a marriage. Now the question as to whether or not Barry and Roberta were ever involved in any relationship like marriage or romance. So the answer to the question is that they are just good friends. However, they have been involved in compiling several projects together which have been quite successful.

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