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I have my question regarding my favourite singer and song writer Barry Manilow. My question is that since Barry is well and truly more than 50 years old, but he does not look old at all. Has he had his face lifted or surgery or used Botox something? I am really curious as I can hardly believe Barry to be that much old.

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  1. Harry

    Barry does look and sound as good as he has always been. As for what Barry's diet and eating habits are concerned, he lives on a diet of embalming fluid. That being the case, Barry basically is very careful about what and how much he eats, and he certainly does not eat more than he needs to. It is also heard that he eats very little red meat, but he does eat poultry and fish along with fruits and vegetables. Therefore, he really just eats a well balanced diet and healthy foods. Besides, it is also heard that Barry is not a big dessert eater, and he avoids junk food as well. Regarding Barry's workout routine, he has mentioned that he has worked with a personal trainer, and by looking at him it seems obvious that he works out on a regular basis. No wonder he does not look like he will be 67 on June 17th. He is able to keep himself look so well-maintained and smart that no one whosoever sees him can say that he is in his late sixties.

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