Banana Split Martini Cocktail Recipe

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How to prepare Banana Split Martini Cocktail; Quick recipe for making Banana Split Martini Cocktail instantly using Banana, cream, chocolate and vodka.

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    The Banana Split Martini Cocktail Recipe is very simple. You can change this ordinary martini into an extraordinary cocktail by changing up its easily available ingredients just as you can with a real banana split. This unique Banana Split Martini not only looks exotic, it tastes exotic as well. It has very good taste like the banana split. This refreshing drink has the capability to enhance the charm of the parties for your loved ones. Banana Split Martini is also known as Banana Split Drink and Banana Split Cocktail. Although you can serve the banana split drink any time but it is better to present it after the evening cocktail party or dinner dessert. Follow the given below step by step banana split martini cocktail recipe to make a trendy banana split martini: Ingredients (make one drink and take less than 3 minutes) (30 ml /1 oz) plain Vodka (15ml /1/2 oz) Banana Cream (15ml /1/2 oz) white Cocoa Cream (1 cup) Cracked Ice Banana Slice and Chocolate Syrup for garnishing purpose

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