Why Modern dance is so related to Ballet?

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Hi, I wanted to know why Modern dance is so related to Ballet. Like almost all dancers who dance ballet (as far as I know) take also modern dance. Also I know there are many styles of modern dancing and I wanted to know if there is a name for Modern dancing which is closest to Ballet. I heard there is modern dancing that was developed by Martha Graham which is very close to ballet and less leaning towards jazz etc. Do you know anything about that or modern dancing styles?

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  1. Angelina

     Modern promenade is actually affiliated to choreography, but possibly in a distinct way than you might expect. Modern promenade started in the early 20th 100 years as a rebellion opposing to the rigid main headings and constraints of learned choreography technique. In the early 1900's, some dancers started to depart behind choreography procedure and look for other modes to articulate themselves through promenade that they felt were more freeing. The way they danced to the melodies to the tunes was often called "free dancing" as it had no guidelines or accurate procedure as choreography does. There are many kinds of up to designated day promenade today, all of them rather distinct from, but more over alike, to one another. Some of the distinct well-known procedures that reside today are: Graham, Cunningham, Horton, and Limon, to name a few. They deserve for the pioneers that "invented" them, and they have evolved to encompass accurate types of undertakings and activity sequences, and are now amply suggested to be distinct "techniques" under the sunshade of "modern dance." Modern promenade can often be strong to distinguish or categorize, as it can be so distinct counting on the choreographer or dancer. One of the easiest dissimilarities to position between choreography and up to designated day, I accept as factual, is that choreography is regularly advised of as being "up" and up to designated day promenade is regularly advised of as being "down". By that, I signify that choreography dancers are absolutely searching to withstand gravity to be lightweight, effortless, weightless, and ethereal in their leaps, movements, lifts, and choreography. Modern dancers organize not yearn to disregard gravity they yearn to work with it and use it instead. Modern dancers yearn to glimpse the heaviness of their bodies and use it to aid them move. Modern promenade is very grounded and adhered to the dirt, while choreography endeavors to free itself from the constraints of gravity.
    Ballet dancers are increased to take up to designated day procedure classes to aid develop their choreography technique. Often times, it is easier to free yourself, if only for a instant, from gravity, if you recognize how to work WITH gravity. The notions of fall, topic, and affirmation, complicated are foremost in up to designated day promenade, and choreography dancers can take what they find out from these notions and demand it to their choreography procedure in many ways.
    Jazz procedure is not the equal as up to designated day technique; there are many types of sway procedure, just as there are many types of up to designated day and choreography techniques. Modern promenade evolved individually from jazz modern evolved as a response to choreography, and really came into being before many types of sway technique.

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