What is the Ballet technique for inward turn called?

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I am into classical ballet dancing and i have recently joined beginner classes. ballet dancing is my passion and i want to get on with it as soon as i can. there were many professional dancers i saw in my school doing different forms of ballet dancing and one in particular caught my eye. She was doing some inward turn which i did not recognize and when i try to find it on internet i could. So please tell me what is this inward turn called in ballet terms, where you turn anti-clockwise, sometimes called a reverse turn ?? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Sash

     Hello. I appreciate you asking this question here. The word you are looking, as you have described the ballet dancing technique of that girl, might be En dedans which is movement within a circle so that the leg starts at the back or the side and moves towards the front. For the right leg, this is a counter-clockwise circle. For the left leg, this is a clockwise circle.
    It is a highly qualified classical ballet dancing technique and requires perfect turns and balancing. It is also considered an inside movement such as in a pirouette en dedans the dancer spins towards the side of the supporting leg while its opposite is called as en dehors.
    The position for your en dedans pirouette will be something like this: the little toe has to be underneath the knee and with the knee out to the side and from there, you are going to take on demi-pointe as you bring your leg underneath the knee and up and lower. Then, you take an inward turn.

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