How to set an effective Ballet learning Routine?

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I used to take ballet dancing classes, as a kid and continued with it in my teens; I danced ballet for over a decade. Due to my physical fitness concerns, I recently started doing ballet dancing. But I am unable to find any good ballet training institute in my locality; I am currently residing in a small locality. All the ballet dancing schools here provide dancing classes to children – unfortunately there are no classes for adults, I joined a beginner’s class session but it was not of much help. Please, give me some good suggestions regarding restarting my ballet training. I want to follow some effective ballet dancing routine, please help me in this regard.

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  1. Mitchel

     Good news is that, your previously learnt ballet dancing techniques are still there with you. You simply need a bit of refreshing, in order to polish your dormant skills. You simply need to have some patience, as all those ballet dancing techniques that you learnt many years ago, will come out only through consistent practice. My advice to you is to keep attending your ballet classes. You will yourself see that ballet techniques will reemerge with time. There are no good ballet dancing videos that can help you with your ballet dancing. I believe one can learn the ballet dancing techniques and skills only in a class, under the guidance of a good teacher. So, be patient, and continue with your ballet classes as they will yield beneficial results for you. With the passage of time, you will see the results of your consistent toils.

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