What type of ballet exercises are for flexibility?

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I am very inflexible and while doing ballet exercises I feel much embarrassment. I need some help in this regard. I am much worried about it. I try to practice every day but all in vain. Is there any recommendation for my food? What food I should take to improve ballet? Am I doing wrong exercises to stretch? Please tell me what should I do?

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  1. Marie

     If you want to be a great ballet dancer, you need to be flexible because stretching is most important thing in doing ballet. But if you are inflexible then do not try hardly to stretch yourself. It can harm you a lot. Basic thing is to do all the steps of ballet in a relax way. You can be flexible but it will take time. So do not make hurry for it. Do exercises on daily basis. You should feel comfort while stretching. Warm up your body by jogging or jumping before doing stretching exercises. You can do quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves etc these are for flexibility. In Quadriceps you have to stand straight with your feet spread hip width apart. Then lift one of your legs and grip its toe after ending it in an upward position. Stretch it a little. Then do the same with the other leg also. You can also stretch your leg by lying on your tummy and bend your legs.
    Ballet dancers need a lot of proteins, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fish and salads to keep them fit and healthy. Green vegetables are quite good for them.

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