Top male and female Ballet Dancers

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I have my question regarding the top dancers of today. I want to know about the best dancers of present time are. I am specially looking for the top male and the top female and I need some good help.

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  1. Harry

    The question about top dancers is going to be just about impossible to answer because there are so many ways to judge good dancing. It would be like asking a chef what is the best dish. But, there is a hierarchy in the ballet world and maybe that might be a good place to start. Advance apology some are already known. In an average big company in America, the lowest ranked are the corps de ballet. Above them are the soloists and above them are the principals. The model for the famous ballet that we know today are Carlos Acosta Royal Ballet, Daniel Baudendistel Joffrey Ballet , Patricia Barker Pacific Northwest Ballet, Maxim Belotserkovsky American Ballet Theater, Anik Bissonnette Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Irina Dvorovenko American Ballet Theater, Jennifer Gelfand Boston Ballet, Rex Harrington National Ballet of Canada, Evelyn Hart Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Greta Hodgkinson National Ballet of Canada, Larissa Lezhnina Dutch National Ballet and Valerie Madonia Joffrey Ballet. This must be noted that the real names of the individuals are the first two names. The last word does not denote the name of the individual, instead it tells that what type of a ballet the individual specializes in.

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