What type of exercises can make us a better Ballet dancer?

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My friend wants to be a good ballet dancer. She was asking about the exercises which could help her in maintaining flexibility. I want to know different type of exercises that are helpful for a better ballet dancer.

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     A wide variety of exercises and stretches can help you in making a better ballet dancer. Stretching is a very important part of maintaining flexibility and helping your muscles recover from exercise. A ballet dancer should focus on lower body stretches. Some common stretches include the split stretch, in which you get into the splits position and hold it for at least 20 seconds; the hamstring stretch, in which you bend over and touch your toes while keeping your legs straight; the calf stretch, where you extend one leg at a time behind you and press the extended foot flat onto the floor while keeping the leg straight; and the quadriceps stretch, in which you stand up and pull one of your legs behind you until you feel the front part of your leg tighten.
    Core exercises are also helpful for a better ballet dancing. One of the best core exercises is the plank. To do the plank, lie down with your stomach facing the floor and get into a pushup position. Keeping your back straight, balance your weight on your forearms and hold the "plank" position for as long as you can. Another excellent core exercise is the side plank, which is a variation of the plank. To perform the side plank, turn your body 90 degrees from the regular plank position and hold it for as long as you can.
    The legs are perhaps the most important muscles for ballet dancers. Exercising your legs can help lead to improved performance. The upper body is often overlooked by ballet dancers but exercising your back, shoulders and arms can be beneficial. Pushups and pull-ups are classic body weight movements that will help tighten and tone your arms without adding the "bulky" look that many women try to stay away from. Pushups work your chest and shoulders and are not difficult to master. Get into the pushup position and slowly lower your chest until it touches the floor, while keeping your back straight. If you can't do a regular pushup, get on your knees and perform pushups until you work your way up to regular pushups. To perform pull-ups, you will need access to a pull up bar. Grip the bar using an overhand grip and pull yourself up in a controlled motion until your chin is over the bar. If you can't perform a regular pull up, stand on a chair to assist you.

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