Ball mill has rapid development in modern industry

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Since reforming and opening up, the industry in China has rapid development, as well as the national economy. Ball mill industry grows maturing in the modern environment, and ball grinding mill has a wide development market in the future.

Ball grinding mill is one of grinding media used in ball mills, widely applied for ore mining, cement plant, power station, refractory plant, steel and iron plant, phosphate fertilizer plant, etc. During process of grinding ore, ball mill becomes diminishing gradually, until losing efficience, so it is great drain of ball mill ball.

At present, the consumption of ball mill in China is about 4 million tons, of which main are casting steel ball and forged steel ball. Usually, diameter of 20 mm-125 mm is for most ball mills, Besides, lager diameter of 130 mm-150 mm is for ultra-large type ball mills.

There are mainly three kinds of method for manufacturing process of ball mill ball: casting, forging and hot rolling. Every one has its advantages and disadvantages. For casting, simple equipment and small investment. Manufacturing technology is not very difficult and management is easily. So casting steel ball is suitable for orders with many specifications and small amount, easily to arrange producing. However, many defects are obvious: porosity, voids and inclusions, surface crack, low density, small proportion, metal coarse grains, poor impact toughness, high consumption, low metal yield, what’s more, it’s impossible to cast steel balls with diameter less than 40 mm.

Otherwise, forged steel ball has its own advantages: small investment, shortage to put into producing, raw materials are flexible: hot rolled steel and hot rolled steel billet. The length is unconstrained, easy for producing. However, it is difficult to control production quality. Heating defects, oxidation decarburization and grain coarsening, the hardness of products, harden ability and impact toughness can guarantee stability, low efficiency, high investment. For hot rolling, high efficiency, large output, suitable for large modern law steel ball factory, high degree of mechanization and automation, high hardness and impact toughness. Disadvantages: large investment for building factory, is not suitable for small orders with many specification and small amount.

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