Balancing problems on Toyota VERSO

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I have a 3 year old Toyota Verso 2004. Since buying this vehicle I have had alignments done every year, to no avail the vehicle still veers to the left, skids on smooth surfaces when turning and has irregular wear on the tires. I have had all 4 tires replaced twice. Toyota said my problem was a drive shaft that lost its oil and replaced it under warranty. Within a month of my last tire change I noticed the wear appearing on the tires again. Distinctively the outer edge of both the front wheels and the inner edges of both rear wheels. I took it to a wheel shop to test the alignment .They found the following readings rear: Total toe -3mm, Lh-1.7mm,Rh-1.3mm (databank Lh+0.6mm RH +0.6mm tolerance -+ 0.7mm)

As the tire shop said the rear track is not track able, I went to the dealer and they informed me that it is not significant as it is only a few millimeters. I still struggle with this car veering left and the tires wearing.
Is it possible to adjust the rear track to readings within the suggested parameters .Is there technology out there that would allow accurate tracking of my car? What can I do?


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  1. John


    ANY vehicle can be aligned to the nominal values. It might require slotting holes or eccentric bolts or the like, but it can be done.

    Next, find another alignment shop, since they obvious only believe in fixing alignment problems by conventional means.

    Forget all about the dealer, he is also in the same state of denial - besides he at least has a reason for it.

    Once you have an alignment shop that recognizes that all this stuff can be moved, then you are half way towards fixing your problem.


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