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I know backbiting is not good in many senses but almost everyone loves to do it. Why it is so, how should we avoid backbiting? Please share your views on backbiting!

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  1. John

    Backbiting is when we talk ill about a particular person behind his or her back. It includes saying something bad regarding the other person’s appearance, morality or personality which is true but, it can hurt the person if he actually listens to it.
    Backbiting is an unethical practice. It is a very shameful act to disgrace others in their absence. It can increase enmity and hatred among individuals and can lead to violence and destruction in societies. As it can poison hearts, and add up negative thoughts against each other which can fairly affect the mutual amicability.
    Also, if we backbite we are encouraging this act which means we are setting a culture of talking behind backs of people in a negative way. Thus, we are also allowing others to backbite about us. This little unethical act can sometimes lead into consequences beyond expectations for societies. It can end-up breaking good relationships and loss of loved ones which is most difficult to bear for individuals.
    However, if we talk about some factual information, when registering a complaint, giving your personal opinion for decision making, giving a testimony about a wrong doer or refuting an illegal claim we can state facts. This cannot be considered as backbiting.
    In all other cases, when we are intended to publicize the weaknesses and flaws of a person, his behavior or any personal attribute, comes under the heading of backbiting. Such an act of listening and talking in a disrespectful way should be avoided no matter how attractive it seems to be.

  2. Guest4869
    what? i dont think i understand... :(
  3. Guest9410
    what is backbiting

    is that when a guy bites your back when you have s*x
  4. Guest3663
    it takes more than one to tangle
  5. Guest7665
  6. Guest2718
    much better than pillow biting lol
  7. Guest5254
  8. Guest6720
    I am not that nimble... h**l, I can't even bite my chest
  9. Guest9763
    I think the people that do it are freaks
  10. Guest7845
    If by "backbiting" you mean backstabbers then they do it b/c they are insecure or jealous of you. Although it's hard to ignore, try not to get caught up in it. It'll only make things worse.
  11. Guest7536
    I dont think its a bad thing. Teeth are sexual organs too. You can use them to give pleasure to someone. Ex. Me and my boyfriend are biters. We love it. I dont like being bit so much but I like scratches. So while im biting him he scratches my back. It works for us. It just depends on what you like.

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