BAD DREAM Friends get killed/shot

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Hey, I've been having bad dreams for the past week and I wonder what it could be all about. It's been nothing like this though, it was like it was taken from a movie or something.
It started with me taking the train to school like I usually do, but for some reason I took the one on the wrong side, and on that particular train it was devided into ''Boys'' ''Girls'' and ''Guests'' (yeah I know, really weird), I entered the girl section where it were only female passagers like me, and then for some other strange reason there was a resturant inside of the train (over here our trains are like subways, very simple. At least the trains that runs only around our district areas) and I had a seat, I was sitting with some random person I guess, and all of a sudden a man with shades appeared behind him (he was sitting at the table behind him) and he told me to hush, which I did, and then he straight out shot the person.

Everyone got up and ran, and I saw three people I instantly recognized, a crush of mine, my ''best friend'' and another guy I just met, I guess you could say we're pals. Anyhow, they all ran to the panic room, and that guy I just met ran inside right before I was going to and shut the door in front of me. Even if I banged on the door he wouldn't open, prolly cause he couldn't hear me.
So all of a sudden this guy with a gun was after me, so I had to take the elevator before he got to me (normally I would've taken the stares o_o), but oddly I got downstairs before he did (If you haven't noticed already the whole elevator somehow changed into some sort of restaurant/hotel or whatever) so when I got down to the loby I started to yell that there's a man with a gun shooting people that he already shot someone, and that he's coming so everyone should run. But they just ignored/laughed at me until he actually appeared shooting everybody again.
So by now he catched me, but the guy with shades who originally was asian now turned white, and he wanted me to be his girlfriend and garbage, so he just forced me along everywhere he went forcing me to watch him shoot people. Later we got to a busterminal, and then two of my classmates walked up to me (oddly enough they had sketched faces, but fully human bodies. It's like their faces were only filled out smileys.) and they obviously wanted to help me out, but I yelled at them to run before the guy shot them too, luckily he spared their lives when they finally applied.
Then we randomly switched locations again, and now we were in about the same area as where the panic room was located. Now all the people who were inside ran out all at once, but this time three people walked up to me and the armed guy; my ''pal'', my crush and some random guy with googles.
I was mad at my friend even though I was terrified and asked him why he had shut the door in my face earlier, but I couldn't get any reply because then the other guy (with a gun -___-) shot him in the head, I got a breakdown again kneeling down and for some reason got shot in the back, but out of no where my friend who got shot got up again, and it turned out that he had a gun as well. So he shot about five bullets in the murderer, he still wasn't dead though. So that guy with goggles got out a gun that looked sort of fictional and shot up to 50 laser shots at him which in turn killed him.
So now all four of us walked down a hill, or five if we include my best friend who randomly appeared out of no where. I hugged all three guys, but again for no apparent reason I held hands with my guy friend while my crush were watching.
The dream ended with us walking into a grocery shop, I had blood all over my shirt and my best friend were looking for a book that MUCH ironically had something along ''The continuation'' as title, it was about the guy with a gun who returned as a ghost, and on the backside of it it said that it was a others/comedy book or movie. I think it was first a book and then suddenly a movie. After that I woke up in cold sweat, what could this all mean? Help!

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