Black and White photo of Marilyn Monroe

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I bought a photo of Marilyn Monroe today and looked on the net to see who took it. It is of her on a beach wrapped up in a towel drinking something. I found one in color by George Barris. Mine is not as far away (I can clearly see the hair on her arms). How can I tell if it is a reprint or fake? There is not a photo paper companies name on the back its just solid white.

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    I know the photo you are speaking of very well.
    Original photographs purchased from the original photographers, such as George Barris or Milton Greene etc. (or their studios, galleries or handlers) usually will have papers stating their authenticity accompanying the photograph. They also often sell prints because they are high quality but less expensive than an original photograph.

    You could very well have ended up with a print. Usually they are also high quality, made right from the original but they are not worth as much money of course.

    Or you could be in possession of a photo that was reprinted many times. There really is no way to tell if there is no information with the photographs and if it came from a private seller or some auction.


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