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I have watched this film many times with my Grandma when I was young but haven’t seen it for a while. It is set in New York in the 20/30's I think. A couple own a house in New York but also own a house in the country which they go to in the winter. Every year when they are gone a Hobo moves into the house, and acts as if it hi own and his dogs, when he leaves he puts everything back the way it was and leaves by the loose fence panel in the back garden. This particular year the couple have to return to the town house only to find him there, but they don’t let on that they own the house because their daughter who is already there asks them not to. They all make out they are down and out and act as the guests of the Hobo. lots of colorful characters end up stopping at the house. It is a beautiful film with a moral, to be kind to everyone and so don’t judge others, I love this film but cannot find out the title or the actors. Please can anyone.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The name of the movie about which you are talking about is “It happened on 5th Avenue”. The story will was initially adopted by the Liberty films in the year 1945. The movie was directed by the director Frank Capra. It was scheduled to release In the Christmas but it was scheduled late as it was released in the Easter in the year 1947. The cast of the movie included the following
    Don DeFore
    Ann Harding
    Charles Ruggles
    Victor Moore
    Gale Storm

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