Awards won by British pop singer Geri Haliwell.

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How many times Geri Haliwell has been nominated for the best singing awards. Has she won any awards.

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    Halliwell appeared in a 90 minute documentary Geri for the British television channel Channel 4 by Molly Dineen In 1999, Halliwell launched her solo career and released her debut album Schizophonic, with the lead single "Look at Me", produced by Absolute and Phil Bucknall. Geri Haliwell has been nominated 9 times fro different types of awards, and has won three times. She has won the Capital FM award for the Best British Female singer in the year 2000. She has also won Comet Award for Best International female singer in year 2001. Her song It’s Raining Men has received NRJ Music Award for International Song of the year.

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