Authorized Driving Schools in Dubai

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Authorized Driving Schools in Dubai. We have listed the names of Authorized Driving Schools in Dubai below along with their telephone numbers:

Al Ahli Driving School-04-3411500 (8 branches)
Belhasa Driving School - 04-3243535 04-3243535 (18 branches)
Dubai Driving Centre- 04-3455855 04-3455855 (13 branches)
Emirates Driving Institute-04-2631100 (35 branches)
Galadari Driving School-04-2676166 (8 branches)

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  1. Guest22550422

    Dubai driving schools instructors are too bad i think they are worst instructors in the uae driving schools pls don't go to dubai driving school............their only thinking is hw to eat money unnecesserely instructors will ask money on the classes time.............don't give them money.........bad bad bad bad dubai driving school

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