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I have a question regarding one of my favourite childhood TV shows. I too am an original fan, and remember watching the show weekly as a kid. I have listened closely to Auntie Municipal Court for 20 years and have yet to really figure out what it is about if anything. Does it have something to do with anti-war protestors being arrested?

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  1. Harry

    Nez has always been my favorite of the four guys. I thought he wrote and sang great rock and country-rock, and I was always fascinated during his poetry period that included Daily Nightly, Writing Wrongs and etc. Most of the poetry songs I have been able to decipher at least to my satisfaction. Nez has always stated that he would not interpret his songs and left it up to the listener. However, as far as the Auntie Municipal Court is concerned, it for some reasons has always been one that has escaped me. I do feel kind of Pity at my end as well, because I think it is most probably the second best song on the Birds and Bees album considering Writing Wrongs is the first. I always reflect back to the words of Ditty Diego when I get stumped by one of Nez’s poetry songs. For those who look for meaning in form as they do in finding facts behind everything, we might tell you one thing but we would only take it back? So maybe there is no meaning to the song. Sure is a good one somehow.

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