At the Malaysia immigration checkpoint, What a foreign student have to do on arriving in Malaysia?

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I am going to Malaysia for higher studies. I never visit Malaysia or any other country before. I want to know, what I have to do upon arrival at the airport in Malaysia. Can any help?

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    Upon arrival at the airport in Malaysia, students have to show their Student Pass approval letter at the immigration check point. A Special Pass will be issued to refer the student to the respective State Immigration Department for issuance of the Student Pass. A visa will also be issued to the student at the entry point in the form of an endorsement on the students valid national Passport. The Educational institutions representative will be at the immigration check point to receive and attend to the student. After the immigration clearance, the representative will be responsible to transfer the student to the educational institution for reporting of attendance. Note: 1. Nationals from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and the Commonwealth Independent States (CIS) who wish to study in public educational institutions are required to obtain prior consent from the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. 2. Nationals from PRC are required to obtain Entry Visa prior to their entry into Malaysia

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