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Im stuck on the WW2 Glyph in assassin creed 2, I have no idea how how to dechiper it, the code I need to enter is 791, but the strange thing is I cant get the pattern, I have tried eveyrthing, counting ends and angles etc.... Please help?

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  1. Guest22139250

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  2. Guest21600594

    #7 is the one that looks somewhat like the pentagon in america # 9 isthe one with a right side v pointing down to a upside down v and two lines connecting them and # 1 is the diamond inside a diamond


  3. Guest20103053
    468 makes no sence.. what does 468 mean??
  4. Guest20090493
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  5. Guest19836697
    simply put. how i did it. 1 and 7 are the gaps. 9 is the bow tie. then i just aligned 7 with symbols that aren't on the wheel. and higlighted 1. tapped up and X fail fail fail fail fail etc. change 7s symbol highlight 1. scroll up tappin X fail fail fail fail fail etc. until eventually you'll pass. and now theres a bloody picture to scan....
  6. Guest19513682
    if u see the tabk thers a < on the wall and a = be side it and under the 7 is a 4 i have tride this but not all ways 100%
  7. Guest17091046
    Everytime on steam when I`m going in to Assasin's Creed 2, then it only comes: Unable to find the ubisoft Game Launcher, please re-install Assasin's Creed II. Ubisoft Game Launcher: Error Code 1 And when i re-installed the game, then it still dosn't worked !
  8. Guest16364304
    give me the answer
  9. Guest16299637
    the 7 and 1 are the shapes not on the graph
  10. Guest14813538
    The WWII glyph that starts with the number 791 is solved as follows. The empty spaces should be on #1 and #7. The #9 symbol is given to you, it looks like a bowtie. The #7 symbol has 4 corners and looks like a squiggley line that kind of looks like an inverted open box. Then, the #1 symbol is one diamond inside another.... ACCESS GRANTED :) (btw, I just used Guest14702960's advice, this just a bit more specific)
  11. Guest14702960
    7 has 4 corners, 9 is the bowtie, and 1 = whatever I hit to make it work.. I cycled through all of them.
  12. Guest14679414
    yall are all wrong i dont see a 4 point symbal or an eight and that diamond one has 7 and that 6=1 thing is waaaaaaay before this guys question.
  13. Guest14600656
    I figured you count the angles of each shape, that made the most sense as when i aligned them they all aligned nicely: 1 angle, 2 angles, 3 angles etc. Only problem was the code still didn't work! Hence I'm here :P
  14. Guest14409797
    im stuck on one that i assume should be realy easy the "instruments of power" glyph ur supposed to find all the pictures with the sword but i only see two of them plzzz help
  15. Guest13741227
    4/6/8 is correct. The 4 point symbol corresponds to 7, then the six point to 9, and the eight point to 1. You have to have the wheel set correctly and you have to set the symbols correctly as well.
  16. Guest13532309
    i am stuck on glyph #9 and 12 the ones with the wheels i don't know what to do :(
  17. Guest13445348
    look on ur scrren it will say something like 6=1 then align it like that it took me ages!!!
  18. Guest13441462
    Dudes need help!! I'm on the code '791' I've aligned number one as having one point i.e. < = 1, O = 0 etc. but its not working =[
  19. Guest13437981
    Actually, the 4, 6, 8 answer is right. I just spent the last 20 minutes starring at the thing. The wheel consists of a bunch of random shapes, and you just count the number of points each shape has. The one for 6 looks like a bow-tie, where the middle points don't meet. This gives you 6 points (4 sticking out, and 2 in the middle).
  20. Guest13413518
    You it says 6 equals 1. i think thats the answer to that 1 f****n suck.
  21. Guest13364629
    ughh this fn glyph is pissing me off ive been stuck on it for 3 hours plz help
  22. Guest13341955
    when you line up the 6 and the 1 look at it the then look at the other two numbers see what number they are lined up with then input those numbers and it should work it did 4 me
  23. Guest13327888
    If you're talking about the one that has a tank in a pic and one of you otions is a greater than sign, look really close at that pic and you'll see an equals sign fade in and out, follow it and you should see a 4 I believe.
  24. Guest13325683
    The answer is 4,6,8 count the points in the objects and don't get tricked by thinking the diamond is four cause it's eight due to the tiny diomand in the middle.
  25. Guest13324362
    You're thinking of one of the earlier ones. The one he's talking about, the wheel is composed of symbols, but I too have no idea what the correlation is.
  26. Guest13302569
    it says 6 equals 1. i think thats the answer to that 1

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