Asa Dutzler community coordinator for Mozilla Views about Google.

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Asa Dutzler community coordinator for Mozilla Views about Google. What are the details? Can someone tell me the exact story?

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  1. Guest22181824
    Asa Dutzler is so tired of plug-ins being installed into Firefox without his permission that his recent blog post called technology giants Microsoft, Apple and Google evil. Dutzler is the community coordinator for Mozilla and the head of the Spread Firefox project. His blog post calls into question why the companies believe it is okay to install additional plug-ins to Firefox whenever someone opts to download their software without first seeking permission. In his opinion a person should not be forced to have additional software added when they choose to download a specific software such as iTunes or Microsoft Office. Dutzler is so upset by the actions he equates them with those who use Trojan Horse viruses. He stressed that even though the software being added was not malicious in the way a Trojan Horse would be, the methods used to install it was sneaky and wrong. The ultimate opinion he shared on his blog this week was that this practice is not okay and that if companies want to install the plug-ins they merely need to show the respect of asking first. Dutzler called upon the three companies to end what he called an evil practice and told them all to ‘stop being evil’.

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