what is plot of Artist Unknown episode?

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please tell me what is plot of Artist Unknown episode?thanks.

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  1. kate

    At the Adult Learning Center, Squidward began to teach an art class but SpongeBob is the only person who shows up. In this Squidward was an artist and SpongeBob a lazy person who have no talent, he starts to teach him the foundations of art and lets SpongeBob draw a circle. SpongeBob succeeds and makes an accurate circle, which leads to Squidward amazed requesting, how SpongeBob made it. He tells that he first paints the whole painting of a head and then erases all the information. This thing makes annoy Squidward, because he observed that SpongeBob is far god than he himself is, and balls up the sheet. SpongeBob, however, takes the balled sheet and makes a sort of origami showing SpongeBob and Squidward creating leapfrog. Even more annoyed, Squidward destroy the paper, which again fires SpongeBob's thoughts, who now makes a new picture out of the pieces of the sheet.

    Squidward now aimed to presents SpongeBob how to sculpt by telling to him that he first has to become one with the marble. Then SpongeBob starts to sculpt and makes an excellent statue with only one movement. After this Squidward tries to improve his sculpture but then turns to SpongeBob the next second and tells him that his work is not even close to art, because such a sculpture would need more time to be made. In this situation SpongeBob became depressed and planning to leave, and then Monty P. Moneybags comes in the room, which creates SpongeBob out of the building by the slammed door and lands in a garbage can which immediately is taken to the dump. Meanwhile, Moneybags introduces himself to Squidward describing him that he wants astonishing items and objects for his art collection.

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