Techniques to make Art portfolio and college selection.

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What should be included in an art portfolio? I had already ask this question to two of my art teachers but each one said something different. Only thing similar is that, it is important to include real life drawings and have several different artworks created from different mediums. But truthfully, I am really more interested in cartooning or the style of anime/manga. I know it is important to get down real life drawings first, but I also want to include some anime/manga style. I had seen few who did and got into the college they wanted. But I am not sure whether to put some in and what other works should I put in? Another thing is that I want to know any colleges that are in the 5 boroughs of New York, has what I am looking for. (Animation, manga, and maybe sculpture). And thank you in advance for answering this very long question of mine.

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    That's a tough question to answer because it depends on the school you apply to and the individuals reviewing your application, however, I would say you should maintain a good average between your portfolio and your grades. Neither one necessarily counts more than the other, but the balance of everything is what makes a difference. For example, someone with wonderful grades may get by with a less strong portfolio. Someone with an amazing portfolio may get through with a low grade average. If, for you, grades aren't your strong suit, that doesn't mean you're out, but you will need to pay extra attention to your portfolio. Also, be sure to add extracurricular activities, minor job experience, anything that can give you a better overall edge. Colleges want to see well-rounded students. Hope that helps!

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