Art and architecture of Mariamman Temple, Singapore

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My friend wants information about Information about Art and architecture of Mariamman Temple, Singapore, Is there anyone who knows that why it is so famous.

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    Here is some information that could be helpful for you.

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    Built in the South Indian Dravidian style, most outstanding feature of the temple is its impressive gopuram (entrance tower). The gopuram rises above the main entrance along South Bridge Road. It is richly embellished with six tiers of sculptures of Hindu deities, other figures and ornamental decorations. The tower tapers up towards to a moulded ornamental ridge. The scale of each tier and its sculptures is slightly smaller than that of the tier immediately below it. This helps to create the illusion of height, and adds to the symbolic importance of the building. Flanking the gopuram are a sculpture of Murugan on the right and Krishna on the left (as you enter). The sculptures are all of plaster, which allows for fine detailing. They are painted in a variety of bright colours, which adds to the visually spectacular quality of the gopuram. The floor plan of the gopuram base block is rectangular, and is bisected by an entrance passageway. The entrance contains a pair of very large double leaf timber doors. The scale of these doors is intended to induce humility in the visitor and emphasise the diminutive human scale in relation to the divine. The doors are studded with a small gold bells arranged in a grid pattern. Devotees are supposed to ring as they move through. Footwear is also stored around the entrance area, as this is not allowed within Hindu temples, as a sign of respect. The main entrance gopuram is only one of the entrances into the temple compound, which is surrounded by a perimeter wall. Side openings also exist, which open onto the flanking Pagoda and Temple Streets. However, these are mainly used as service entrances, with all devotees and visitors entering through the gopuram doors. The compound wall is also decorated with ornamental mouldings, as well as figures placed on top of the wall at various points, including several prominent seated cow sculptures. Within the walled compound, the temple comprises a combination of covered halls, shrines and service areas as well as open to sky spaces. Leading directly from the gopuram entrance via a covered hall is a main prayer area, with richly ornamented columns and ceilings with frescoes. The ceiling paintings include a large mandala diagram.

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