Tips to arrange a good art show.

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My husband is a very talented artist as is about to embark on his first art show.He works in oils are his subject matter is people. We were wondering what steps should we take to ensure asuccessful showing. From the invitation to what the show should be set up like etc. What can be the best theme for show?

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  1. mae mole

    Since this is his first art show, you have to invest much for the promotions. Other than the invitations, prepare printed marketing materials that will inform people about your husband's event. Print brochures and include some hints of what to expect during the show. Prepare also some stickers, flyers, and posters which you can distribute around. To handle the printing, amke sure to check some printing companies online or visit this site:

  2. Guest23268771

    Hello Monica Lipscombe.
    The answer depends on how much you want to spend...and who the audience is for the art show. If this is in a gallery...they should be promoting it....and paying for the mailings...reception, etc. If you are hosting it in a private place.....and are responsible for everything, then here are a few steps:

    Promotion can use Modern Postcard [check the internet] and buy 500 cards for $95 base price. if you write up a news release, send a few photo's of your work to as many local news outlets as possible...daily’s, weeklies, mags, radio, TV...and if you have digital city from Microsoft...them too. See if a local paper will do an interview with you.

    Email.....send a free greeting to as many people as you can think of inviting them to your opening reception [yes you need an opening reception].

    Pricing.....make sure you don't overcharge for your works...check to see what the market will bear by visiting local art galleries.

    Reception....have one...invite the world.....make it fun..Have some live music [get a kid from a college to play the piano or violin].....serve some wine and cheese....grapes, etc....don't go overboard...but make it pleasant.

    Have fun!

    p.s. There is a mag called \"Art Calendar\"...they too have a web might be able to get a previous article on how to promote a show.

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