How to start an Art Marketing Career?

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I just graduated - BA/Business Administration, major - marketing, electives all fine art. GPA 3.75/4.0 and looking for a sales rep job in the art field. Preferably marketing fine art/prints or art products, my past experience is 13 years in selling handmade baskets at juried art shows. I currently paint watercolor but I am not ready to market my own work. I enjoy the art world so much! I can supply further info on business accomplishments if interested. Please someone suggest me a better way to start my career. I am desperately looking for a better guideline in this regard. I have searched a lot but could not find right place to start with. Do you know some place to start my career in art marketing?

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    Dear Ms. Gildea,
    It depends on where you want to live....I would suggest first you check out the art magazine field....for leads on companies which carry out the type of operation you might be attracted. Go to your local public or college library....and check these magazines: Art Business News; Art in America; Art Calendar; Gallery Guide; etc. [There are many more]. Once you have scanned the magazines...look at which companies are heavy advertisers...then begin your calling process [most have 800 #] just asked for their personnel department...and for the name of who you should send your resume. I know there isn't an easy way....but perhaps sometime may click....after all success in life is mostly timing, details and persistence.

    Best of luck

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