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Found in many industries as varied as plumbing, automotive, train locomotives and airplane,foundries focus on melting and casting metal into particular shapes.The supplies, parts, accessories and equipment that service foundry machines are just as varied.There are numerous foundry machinery,such as stainless steel foundry and iron casting foundry,supplies and accessories you might find in different types of foundries.

Flow Calibration Tubes, Mixers, Molds and Cores

Flow calibration tubes promote foundry efficiency.They calibrate continuous mixers (without wasting binder) and measures actual binder flow to the mixer --- which are either continuous or batch --- during the mold and core making process. (Binders allow molds and cores to solidify into a particular shape.). Using calibration tubes eliminates the need for scales, buckets and gloves; saves time; is very accurate and eliminates the usual mess of calibration.

Created from metal or other resistant materials, molds are patterns that can produce large numbers of the same item. Cores fit into molds to create detailed internal passages.

Resin Storage Racks

These racks store resins (a viscous compound that hardens after treatment or refining) used in 'no-bake' binder systems (do not use baking or heating to produce molds and cores).

Mixing Blades

Mixing blades come in variety of sizes for many different brands of mixers.Quality mixing blades feature high grade, extra thick tungsten carbide tips.

Heating Equipment Supplies

High temperature foundry equipment --- such as kilns, ovens, melters, forgers and combustion chambers --- use firebricks. They can be insulating or non-insulating, depending upon the purpose.

Temperature sensing thermocouples sense the temperatures in this type of equipment; they come in varying lengths and connection heads.

Alloys,Sand,Binders and Other Supplies

Depending on what is being cast, foundries use different types of alloys --- such as Ferrosilicon, Ferromanganese, Ferrophosphorous and Barium Calcium Silicon.Foundries also use different types of sand and binders, such as silica and Furan no-bake, to produce molds and cores.

Additional foundry machinery supplies include dust bags and dust collectors,industrial vacuums, ladles and skimmers, lab testing equipment, grinders,metal cleaners and shovels

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