Are you a hollywood movies freak....?

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If you are a movies freak then I advice you to watch Legion movie or The truth movie. I watched these movies last week and I really appreciate these movies. You can also watch these movies form

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  1. Sash

     Yes I am a huge English movie freak and I have watched almost all the top ranking movies all my life. The top ten movies which I consider to be all time best include the following, which are not listed in any specific order:
    The Departed
    The Social Network
    The Hangover
    Gnomeo and Juliet
    Slumdog Millionaire
    Just Go with It
    How to train your dragon
    The King's Speech
    I hope you agree with me on this one, but feel free to comment if you disagree. Happy watching

  2. bhakuni123
    Yes I am. You have given useful links to watch movies online.
  3. John Smith
    Its really fantastic website for watch online movies
  4. Martin Jeff
    Just finished watching both the movies. Thanks for the links.
  5. reggie383
    Thanks for the advice and links

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