Are there any talent agencies in Japan for singers and foreigners like me?

by sachi  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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Hi. I'm searching for talent agencies in Japan that accepts foreigners. Here's more about me:

~I'm a Filipino
~14 years old
~but i don't live in japan
~I can hold a conversation in Japanese
~I can read Japanese especially kana and about 50 kanji and my japanese pronunciation is perfect
~I'm a good singer
[visit my youtube channel if you like--> ]
~also a good dancer and actress [although i don't have any experiences in acting..but i'm good in school plays]

So I hope you can help me. I already saw the audition of Sony Music and I'm planning to send my demo this week. But I'm still searching for a perfect agency in case I don't get accepted in Sony.
THANK YOU in advance. :)

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