Are there any medications available for Arthritis?

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I am having problem of Arthritis, what are the medicines that are needed for the treatment of Athritis, how are these medicines useful in solving the problem of arthritis, can you tell me about these medicines?

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  1. suraj460

    An effective [url=]arthritis treatment[/url] regimen can help manage the disease. There are many treatment options which you should know about. Over time, you may try several different treatments and change your treatment plan. Finding the best treatment for you can be a long process.

  2. Tom Reeds

    There are different medicines which are needed for the Arthritis. Some of these drugs are:
    Acetaminophen(Tylenol): This medicine is recommended by American College of Rheumatology and the American Geriatrics Society is a first line treatment for osteoarthritis. It took upto 4 gm a day. This can provide lot of relief for arthritis pain without lots of side effects of the drugs which are generally prescribed by the doctor. There is a certain limit of these drugs and you must not exceed the recommended dose which is prescribed by the doctor as they contain large amount of alcohol and the reactions from these drugs might result in damaging your liver.
    Other drugs like Aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen are the anti-inflammatory drugs that are mostly effective in combating arthritis pain. Most of these drugs pose potential risks in a long time period. These drugs should not be taken in a quantity without consulting your doctor. Side effects from this drug include heart attack, stroke, stomach ulsers, bleeding from digestive tract and also kidney damage. In the year 2005 the US food and drugs administrations asked the makers of NSAIDs to include warning label on their product that allows and alerts the use of increased risk of heart attack, stroke and gastrointestinal bleeding. These medicines should not be taken unless your doctor specifies these medicines. Some of the other drugs are Cyclooxygenase-2 COX-2 inhibitors.

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