Do students of Bahria University wear uniform?

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I am looking for a piece of information about Baharia university. Does anyone have an idea about the Bahria universities policy about the Uniform, from where i can get the details?

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  1. Jacob

    No Bahria university does not have an uniform. Pakistan Navy started the Bahria institute in the late eighties to provide quality education to the children of Naval officers upon upto the level of intermediate. Pakistan Navy also wanted to promote education at the national level. Bahria gain moment and it rose to the level of an university later on. In its early days, Bahria university just like the military had an uniform policy and it stuck with it for almost a decade. Uniform policy was imposed till 2006, after which it was changed and now Bahria does not follow a uniform policy instead it has a dress code. The dress code is smart casuals nowadays, shirts with collars.


  2. Eabby

    There was uniform till 2006, but after a great riot by students against uniform in higher studies caused managment to take an action against the policy to review code and conduct of university. And they acknowledged that there should not be a uniform in the code and conduct policies

  3. Education Expert

     Yes, Students of the University use uniform and you can know about the color scheme from their admission office and you can also get the details from their official web site.

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