Are registry cleaner is must for secure our PC from virus and infected files

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Should i use the registry cleaner software to clean the infected files in my computer registry, My friend told me that it is must to secure the PC from virus and infected files. Please help.

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    Last time I encountered the same problem with Pc registry. I tried to solve the problem with registry cleaner and it ended up as a system crash. The method I would suggest is to reinstall the operating system instead of cleaning the registry files. Because if any system registry file is infected with virus the registry cleaner will delete that file that could crash your system.
    Install the fresh operating system on your computer, Windows 7 is the best in performance.
    Do not open the local drives unless the complete the next steps
    Install the best antivirus program MacAfee or Norton antivirus
    Upgrade the antivirus program
    and scan all the local drives meanwhile Install the drivers
    after the scan restart your system
    Please do not uninstall the Antivirus program because it will help you in finding the files that can infect your system.
    Keep your antivirus up-to-date or download the latest antivirus definition for you antivirus.
    At the end i would say do not download and use the registery cleaner softwares and tools as they are the great threat to computer then the viruses. If you have more queries about the system security and the registery settings then please write down you problem i would feel an honor to spread my computer knowledge
    Have a nice day!



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