Are filipina girls prettier than american girls?

by Guest8966  |  12 years, 2 month(s) ago

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Are filipina girls prettier than american girls? Some guys said this. Are these jerks right?

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  1. Guest28282850

    <p>&nbsp;Philipino girls are most beautier than any other girls except thai girls.Thai girls are equilant to philipino or may be some are more . American and Europian girls are good at young but after 30 they are not fair. &nbsp;But philipinos are so beautiful till 50s. Also their Active nature.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

  2. Guest28282850

     Philipino girls are most beautier than any other girls except thai girls.Thai girls are equilant to philipino or may be some are more . American and Europian girls are good at young but after 30 they are not fair.  But philipinos are so beautiful till 50s. Also their Active nature.





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  4. Guest27824981

     The answer doesnt matter.  What matters is me finding the prettiest Filipina in Manila for our movie group on Facebook.  We need a stunning face for the last scene.   "Lets Make an Indie Film !"

  5. John

     It is subjective that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. A documentary come seal an African tribe that was visited by Angelina Jolie whose bulk of the male constituents of that tribe prevailing there said her as seemed ugly. Therefore, what is adorable is somewhat more cultural than morphological. People from numerous parts of the world have an idealistic outlook of beauty that may not be shared by population from other parts of the world. To the African tribe, beauty is supposed in the type of midget-sized, medium-built quasi-bald women. The Chinese suppose beauty through the small elevation of their women's feet and in the west it's the slight, blonde blue-eyed girl and in the Arab world the definition becomes visible to be unassuming, well-looking, domesticated wife types. If you want to know my opinion i like Indians that must of you don't like them. The latter goes on to demonstrate that as basic as the suspect might sense, in sighting, countering it leads to more questions with no stone answers.

  6. Guest16843780
    f**k no. Pinays are all ugly as h**l.
  7. Guest16089422
    YES. definitely
  8. Guest16049390
    f**k ya we're hot. well im a mix of filipino and canadian. and no filipinos are genuinely nice.
  9. Guest15141886
    ermm filipina girls seem to have an inferiority complex around whites and that is what makes them the most unattractive besides fact that most of them don't look good. also non materialistic? what planet are you from? most of them act like spoiled racist little brats. i'm amazed anyone mixes with them and I'm not against racial mixing but this is kind of on an extreme when having to deal with the poor attitude they tend to keep up. as far as comparing americans to filipinos what are you getting at, there are filipino americans and I guess by american you mean white but that makes no sense. white settlers came here, true real honest to god americans are not any of us, they are called native americans and were here before whites, filipinos, and blacks for that matter. the usa saved the phillipines from slaughter and slavery of the japanese and koreans. what do we get in return? a bunch of p**s poor attitude towards white. yeah they have really shown me how much they appreciate that the Japanese soliders don't throw their babies in the air and shoot them with rifles any more. what a weird bunch of people they are.
  10. Guest14922900
    I feel Americans and Filipinas both are pretty ... but Filipinas just act pretty so they can get a rich man ..... or get an American man who can take them to US of A its sad Filipinas use to be nice girls but not any more , they are tooooooo materialistic and money minded, and for that they can do any thing or any one ........( i am saying this because MY ex GF was a Filipina and she did the same with me ) but i still have a respect for them , bcz of their good past ...
  11. Guest14828357
    No at all, the all have flat nose,
  12. Guest14204621
    My friends, this is a matter of taste. Personally, I chose filipina for numerous reasons. 1. Most of them are less materialistic. 2. Most of them are more loyal to their men. 3. Closer match to my skin color (mixed white/black). 4. Slim and YES, more beautiful for that reason. 5. Beautiful silky black hair. 6. The are not so STUCK UP like American girls. By the way, I work out every single day and have a really clean, cut, and buff look so don't even take the excuse that I look for filipina women because I'm fat, ugly, or can't get american women. I just don't like the nasty attitude of spoiled american women who are mostly concerned with what they can get out of relationship, rather than what they can contribute! That is the REAL problem. Filipina women don't have as many luxuries and know how to make in difficult conditions. American women would litterally die if all the stores closed down!!!
  13. Guest13974026
    Filipinas are more beautiful than American girls,inside and out.
  14. Guest13793338

    I don't know.. they are both pretty.. but if you wanna see the pure filipina women just visit my youtube website and i have a youtube there about filipina beauty . . . v

  15. Guest13333481
    Filipinas have exotic beauty because from their background. Every race has their unique beauties.
  16. Guest12919429
    i am a philippine born filipina with parents pure filipinos only that my grandmother on my father's side is a korean. to us filipinas, we adore american girls because they are tall, have white skin and nice bodies. but i would have to say that there are also pretty filipinas that i adore eventhough they have brown skin.they look very exotic, s**y and very simple coupled with a charming, conservative, naturally-caring and loving attitude.filipinas are very "lady and feminine" since this is already a symbol of tradition-to give value to the roles of being a filipina woman- motherly, hospitable, caring and nice. i think beauty is not only looks but on the attitude and value. therefore i must say that most, not all filipinas are prettier than american girls because of their character and attitude. thank you.
  17. Guest12541842
    the filipina is prittier than american
  18. Guest12195768
    Yes, they are way prettier. Inside and out. They are very loving and caring by nature. Most of them are petite and they age gracefully.
  19. Guest11542029
    Yes, much prettier. You can't get a better wife than a filipina!
  20. Guest7963
  21. Guest4038
    this is a stupid question!
  22. Guest2413
    every race is equally beautiful! : )
  23. Guest7628
    Since there are many American girls born of Filipino parents, the answer must be no, they are the same.

    This is a stupid question since an &quot;American&quot; girl can have any ethnic background.
  24. Guest213
    Every nationality has beautiful women. However pinays have beautiful caring hearts also....that sets them apart !
  25. Guest2967
    Girls are pretty, period!

    Regardless of race, nationality etc. Haven&#039;t you heard? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. What may seem attractive to you is ugly to someone else. What maybe hot for you could be plain to someone else.
  26. Guest8219
    As long as all their &quot;equipment&quot; are in good working order, Yes!
  27. Guest5072
    I met 2. Coming right out of their country they are very &quot;innocent&quot; it seemed. Sadly, easy to take advantage of in this screwed up country.... but that was from the 2 that I met.

    But, yeah they are very pretty and nice. :)
  28. Guest663
    Its all depends on personal interest. Everyone have their opinions. I think filipina women as a whole are very attractive.
  29. Guest6827
    That&#039;s so silly! you cannot compare an entire race and say they &quot;prettier&quot; than another entire race... esp one that is a melting pot!!!!

    All girls are pretty. period. What does an american girl even look like???
  30. Guest1211
    YES. If you are so insecure about your looks just send me a picture and let me see. Maybe you are the prettiest one I don&#039;t know yet.
  31. Guest7475
    Do you mean a white girl and a Filipina girl? Because American girls can vary and comes from different races... There&#039;s also Filipina American girls so I assume that you meant Philippine born Filipina girls.. As a matter of argument, I would assume that you mean white girls and native Filipina girls of Malayan and Chinese race..

    It just depends on their perspective.. I do think that white girls are prettier just because I like blond girls and I am a Filipino.. A lot of my Caucasian friends do think that Filipina girls are prettier because they are small and cute so its just a matter of perspective.. Sad to say though, its all sexually motivated..

    I do think that Filipina girls are really pretty and American girls as well.. Its just that I think that there are far more prettier white American girls in University campuses compared to Filipina girls.. Just me..
  32. Guest654
  33. Guest7963
    h***s YES. just me .
  34. Guest1570
  35. Guest2526

    The average filipina would cause most men to turn and stare if she walks by on the street. I knew I was over there too long when i stopped giving them a second look!
  36. Guest5030

    It is completely true...
  37. Guest6177
    i think....that....some filipina girls are pretty....but some are not...and a lot of american girls are pretty....

    ...i dont kno :s
  38. Guest4633
    they are BOTH pretty!
  39. Guest7371
    yeah, sorry.
  40. Guest9120
    maybe it depends on one&#039;s taste
  41. Guest9358
    No, because American includes Native Americans, Greeks, Asians, Mexicans, Middle Eastern women, French and Caribbean and Hawaiian women to name a few..
  42. Guest2837
    Some are. Some are quite beautiful. I mean really beautiful but you know you always have some that aren&#039;t.
  43. Guest4998
    well,,it totally depends on the person,,,like already some people said every race has beautifel girls,,but on the other side everyone is beautifel,,cause what you may call &#039;&#039;ugly&#039;&#039; another person would may find that &#039;&#039;ugly&#039;&#039; one very attractive

    no race is better then the other!
  44. Guest7731
    every nationality has pretty girls.

    but because i am a filipina, i must say we are prettier. JOKE.

    we are humble, sweet, and short. :)
  45. Guest5773
    beauty is in the eye of the beholder. period.
  46. Guest3481
    it is subjective. beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. a documentary about an african tribe that was visited by angelina jolie whose most of the male members of that tribe present there commented her as seemed ugly. therefore, what is beautiful is rather more cultural than morphological. people from some parts of the world have an idealistic view of beauty that may not be shared by people from other parts of the world. to the African tribe, beauty is seen in the form of midget-sized, medium-built quasi-bald women. the chinese see beauty through the small size of their women&#039;s feet. in the west it&#039;s the slim, blonde blue-eyed girl and in the arab world the definition seems to be modest, well-looking, domesticated wife types. the latter goes on to show that as simple as the question might seem, in fact, answering it leads to more questions with no concrete answers.
  47. Guest2556

    Every race has pretty girls. it's really depends on the guys type. Some guy like asians, blacks, mexicans. It's all on preference. Not one race is only built to be completely beautiful.

  48. Guest8030
    Every girl in the world is beautiful. But then, there are certain degree that one is more beautiful than the rest... ones quality, ones aura or charm, ones behavior can add up which makes someone more beautiful than the rest.

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