Are dylan sprouse and cole sprouse circumcised?

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Are dylan sprouse and cole sprouse circumcised? i mean i thought all jewish people must be circumcised and if that is the case than dylan must be? does anyone know.

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  7. Guest23885034

    I have the answer to that question.  Even though they were born in Italy, which doesn't circumcise in most cases, the twins WERE circumcised.  How do I know this?  When they had their YouTube channel active, somebody asked them.  Dylan, not afraid of answering such a question, said that in fact, he and Cole are cut.

  8. Guest23314649

    I'm 88 yrs old and I've watched the Sprouse twins for over a decade, in the movies, on T.V. and the Disney Channel..  Whether the boys were circumcised or not is a personal family matter,case closed. I love Cole and Dylan as my foster grandsons, and enjoy their shinanigans, boys will be boys, I know I was a Scoutmaster for 23 yrs BSA Troop 401 in New York City and had the largest troop in the country.  And believe me they let loose when we camped once a month and two weeks in the summer.  One of the worst incidents on a hot summer day in camp, the boys were restricted in camp because they did not do thier chores.  Nearby was a water-tower, well since it was within campsite, they decided to have a water fight and emptied the water tower tank.  We had no water in the camp as it took 12 to 16 hrs to pump water from the fresh water lake to fill it up, but it could not be used as it had to be filthered which took additional 4 to 5 hrs. I wrote  a  screenplay called Student Exchange, about twin boys mixup at birth, perfect for the Sprouse twins. I'd like Disney Screenplay writers to see it, it'sfunny and sad, I thought I'd give it a shot, after aff I consider the Sprouse twins are like my foster grandsonsWhat say, anybody out listening.. Mike Kupec   msk401bb@tampabay.rr.comatedfl Dail,


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  21. Guest22507700

    So what they were born in Italy to American parents. The circ rate in Europe is low, that is a fact, but rest assured if the parents chose to have the boys circumcised I'm sure the Dr. would have been able to do so regardless of the size of the hospital. What makes any of you think that a Dr in Italy is UNABLE to perform a circumcision when ask to do so or required medically  I've heard enough to believe that they are circumcised. I do know that the circumcision rate in America is dropping, but most caucasion boys are still circumcised.

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    Wow dude you don't know what you're talking about ! I'm christians and we aren't usually cirsumcised ! -___-

  42. Guest21662258

    They're not Jewish, but they're both circumcised. Dylan revealed they are both cut on his old YouTube account when a poster boldly asked him if they had hoodies (foreskins) covering the end of their dicks. He said no, both of their hoodies had been cut off!! Another questioner asked if they had ANY hood covering at all   at the end of their dicks, and he said no, they just have bare heads at the end!!! ;D

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    I used to date dylan and I dont know about cole but dylan is definitely circumsized. The scar ring is half way down his p***s and brown colored. his head is shaped kinda like a mushroom and the skin is really tight
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    Facebook.*com/SaveP The "Saving Penises" Facebook group already confirmed they're intact. Tsk. The national circ rate droped to only 38% and it's as low as the early-20's on the westcoast. These boys _still_ have their hoodys. Accept it. (:
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    Wow, lots of ignorance. First of all, Christians are not circumcised. There's no correlation and the majority in the world are not circumcised. They were born in Italy and I don't know what's up with this European dude saying that they circumcise in Europe. Is it possible? Yes, but the rates aren't usually about a couple percentage points. Why? There's no reason. Also, while immigrants tend not to circumcise, a lot of Americans don't either. I'm American, born and raised, and would never consider circumcising my sons.
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  80. Guest19618468
    @ Guest19531846 Yes they ARE circumcised, Dylan has said so himself when he had a yt account. And hospitals in italy DO circumcise boys all countries in europe do that. how do i know ? well im european, im circumcised and i study medicine
  81. Guest19564188
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  82. Guest19531846
    They are NOT Jewish and they were born in Italy in 1992. ie: they are NOT circumcised! Boys are not circumcised at birth in hospitals in Italy. So unless they had the procedure done sometime after they were 4 months old (when they moved back to the US), it's highly unlikely. What does it matter either way? It's their own private parts.
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    Yes, dylan confirmed it when he had his youtube account and the whole thing "they were born in europe so they probably arent", give it a rest, the number of circumcised boys in europe are higher then ever and every country in europe circumcise babies when they are born if they are asked to do it i live in europe and im circumcised
  87. Guest19220261
    If they were born in Italy, they almost certainly weren't there. Though they may have been back in the US.
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    What makes you think they're Jewish?
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    @Guest15253245 so ignorant: The reason why the percentage has dropped in the west coast is because the west coast is the no 1 place for latinos to immegrate. The number of europeans that immigrate to US has doubled since the 90's and guess where they decide to live, thats right the west coast now i dont know if you know this but 99% of the europeans and latinos are uncircumcised and they decide NOT to circumcise their sons. But these people are not Americans right? No theyre not, the number of AMERICANS that circumcise their sons hasnt dropped more then 2 % anywhere since the 90's
  102. Guest15574547
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  104. Guest15253245
    Just because they are born to american parents doesn't mean theyre circumcised. you folk can be so ignorant sometimes. It's like an 81% percent chance in the midwest, which is high and it drops to 30% on the coasts.
  105. Guest15241771
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    A few years ago I met them both because my brother is an actor that played a small part of there show, and Dylon was all over me, and me and him had a kid "experiment" you can say and he is circumcised, not sure if hes actually g*y or not though it was just was an experiment
  109. Guest15140268
    seems like youve already gotten 2 answers that proves that they are, but if not then remember when dylan had a youtube account? Well there was one guy from the Imdb boards who asked if he was circumcised on youtube and dylan said yes. The guy print screened them and uploaded them on the net and then gave the link on imdb. I personally can confirm that the guy was telling the truth because he had trouble with the print screening so he gave me his password to his youtube account and did it for him, but before i did that i made sure that it really was dylans youtube and it was. so the answer is, Yes, both Dylan and Cole Sprouse are circumcised and this is coming from 2 guys who have seen them and from Dylan himself there is no point really to discus whether they are or not
  110. Guest15116730
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  115. Guest14623633
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  117. Guest13159419
    Yes, at least Cole is. As you can see near the end of the Ah Wilderness episode, as he falls off the log, his p***s shows out the side of his underwear. Also, since he was born to American parents he is circumcised with the high and tight method, meaning the skin has been removed up to the base of the p***s.
  118. Guest13079956
    I had the chance to work on the set of Suite Life, one day I went to use the bathroom and while I standing in front of the urinal Dylan walked in and use the urinal next to me, I looked at him and said Hi then I looked down and he appeared circumsized to me.
  119. Guest11843376
    They are both uncircumcised! Didn't you see the Holiday pictures of them?
  120. Guest11836245
    They are circumcised because I gave both of those twinks blow jobs and they are circumcised! The head of their p***s is so large and they have long p***s's but cole's is a bit longer than Dylan's and they both taste wonderful! The p***s head is so tight they were cut far down the f******n. They shoot like '5' inches of c*m and their p***s's are so beautiful!
  121. Guest10811199
    Well I am not going to disclose my name because I am a pediatrican and was part of a team that attended on the boys during a ski accident when they accidently crashed into each other downhill in Jan 2008. Well I can 100% confirm that they both are and because they were born in Italy, their circumcison is low (scar is close to the head) and that is typically how Europeans circumcise. Also I noticed that Cole was cut much more neater than Dylan and had a more disntinct circ scar. So fact is they are
  122. Guest10219033
    Like written above they were born in Italy, which does have a very low circumcision rate. I read on their website that they were born in a very small hospital located in Arezzo, Italy. Because the hospital they were born in was small, this leads me to believe that circumcision may not have been an option, and therefore they were not circumcised.
  123. Guest9143432
    not exactly sure, they were born in italy which has a 15% circumcision rate. But they are christians who usually are cirsumcised regardless of where they are. I think that they are, but idk4s

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