Are all terrain vehicle allowed to be driven in [city] streets?

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I own an all terrain vehicle back at the family ranch in the countryside and recently we have bought a new one and it is my personal vehicle but since I will have to go back to the city is some weeks, I was thinking about bringing the ATV along with me. After all I have driven ATVs in the town market and square. An all terrain vehicle does not have a license plate but has otherwise turn signals, and brake lights. If taking safety into regard then is not an all terrain vehicle safer than a motorbike when it is simple and easy for one to drive a motorbike in the streets. I was wondering to know that will it be allowed to drive all terrain vehicles in city streets or at least in some designated areas.

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  1. John

    As all terrain vehicles are basically designed for the rough and paced road, there are many areas and places in the city where All Terrain Vehicles driving can be regarded inappropriate. Depending on the size and engine owning and running an All Terrain Vehicles in open areas, parks, streets (not highways) and in neighborhood streets varies. Licensing your All Terrain Vehicle is very important to start with next. I wouldn’t know much about laws except for the fact that all terrain vehicles are NOT banned from city streets. They may not be allowed in some regions but it is ok to run one.

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