Are You Interested in Internal Structure of Drum Dryer?

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Are You Interested in Internal Structure of Drum Dryer?

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     In the industry of mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments, drum dryer, that is rotary drum dryer or roller dryer, is mainly used for the drying of the materials with certain humidity or granularity. The adaptability of materials is strong and the rotary drying machine can be used to dry various materials. In addition, the equipment is simple and reliable. Thus, it is widely used. And are u interested in internal structure of rotary drum dryer machine?

    Rotary drum dryer is mainly used in hard magnetic presintering ferrite powder, can be used in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. Limestone dryer Equipment by the main kiln and its supporting transmission device, cooling pipe, fuel system, electric control, secondary into the wind device, exhaust dust removal device and preheating kiln body, etc. With overtemperature alarm, overload alarm, automatic temperature control, furnace oxygen is adjustable, and other functions.


    Drum dryer machine, rotary drum dryer capacity is big, easy operation, good drying effect, by dry material, direct contact with hot air convection heat transfer. For dry. In the direction of the flow between hot air and material, can be divided into parallel flow and counter flow type. Hot air in the parallel flow and material moving in the same direction, higher temperature at the entrance of air material contact with moisture content is higher.Because the material at the surface evaporation stage product temperature still roughly keep wet bulb temperature.

    This flour dryer combined feeding device design and manufacture of the dryer in feed device made a variety of technical innovation system, drum dryer adopts the new type combined feed device, overcome the 'wind tunnel' phenomenon of traditional rotary drying machine, high thermal efficiency, coal consumption reduced by 20% or so. Drive gear adopt pin column can change gear size, replaced the traditional steel casting gear, save the cost of investment, and greatly reduces the maintenance cost and time. The central control system in roller dryer, which can realize large enterprises microcomputer central monitoring management.

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