How to improve arches in ballet dancing?

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I have been dancing ballet for about four years now and i dont have any arches. So my question is how do i get my heels higher with absolutely no arches?

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  1. Sash

    If you have naturally flat feet then it will be hard to get an arch, you can improve the strength of your feet which will improve your point. You need to work on your metatarsals. Simple degage to the side pushing through the floor with your foot right to the toe will help, when doing this to the front dont forget to lead with the heal and to the back lead with the toe. This will work the muscles on the sole of your foot and help strengthen the arch. Also you can try these:
    Do lots of rises, releves and eleves and use a small ball to roll under your arches.
    See a good reputable fitter for your ballet shoes, someone who specialises in ballet shoes, especially when buying point shoes, bad shoes can really hurt your feet. good shoes that fit well can also improve the look of your feet.
    Dance in soft block shoes instead of ballet slippers, working in harder shoes makes your feet work harder and get stronger.
    Hope this will help to get your heels higher without making a perfect arch while ballet dancing.

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