Applying for an Official Transcript at NUS Singapore

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My friend is a student of history in National University of Singapore. He has been given the task of writing an essay on the topic Applying for an Official Transcript at NUS Singapore.

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    If you wish to have the conferment date and degree title printed on the Official Transcript, you need to submit your transcript request after receiving your degree conferment letter (which is issued after your degree is officially conferred by the NUS Chancellor upon your successful completion of all degree requirements). If you would like to apply for an Official Transcript which includes the examination results of the current semester, please note that it can be printed and released only from the 20th calendar day from the day of results release (i.e. when the University has finalized all appeals for review of examination results). Please submit an online request via the Online Transcript Application system. The maximum number of transcripts for which you can request for is 10 sets per mode of delivery per application or per institution. However, you may apply as many times as you wish. When submitting your Online Transcript Application, you will be required to do the following: Step 1 Select the transcript type for which you are applying. Alumni are required to indicate the month and year of degree conferment. Then, click on the "Proceed to Application" button. Step 2 Complete the online transcript application form with the required details. Then, click on the "Proceed" button. Step 3 Check and confirm the details submitted. You may change incorrect details by clicking on the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page. For successful application, please read the important notes located at the bottom of the webpage. Print a copy of the page for your records before clicking on the "Confirm" button. Step 4 If you selected payment mode as: - "Others": you will receive an acknowledgement and payment form which you need to print out. - "E-Credit" or "E-Debit": you will be directed to the electronic payment webpage. Complete the necessary e-payment transaction and print out the e-payment receipt. If your e-payment is unsuccessful, you are to submit another transcript application. Transcript(s) will not be issued if you have outstanding fees with and/or other amounts owing to NUS. The transcript will be issued according to the name as registered with the University upon your conferment date. If you have changed your name, we will need your original supporting documents (e.g. deed poll, identity card, baptismal certificate) for verification of your identity. Processing duration and fees (incl. prevailing GST) for transcript applications are as follows: Request Type Non-Graduating Programme Bachelor Degree (prior to 1998) Bachelor Degree Graduate Diploma/Master/ Ph.D. Degree Normal Request: Processing time/FeesNotes 4 working days S$5.35 per copy 7 working days S$5.35 per copy 4 working days S$5.35 per copy 4 working days S$5.35 per copy Urgent Request: Processing time/FeesNotes Not Applicable 4 working days S$10.70 for first copy S$5.35 for each additional copy in the same request On-the-spot printing of Official Transcript is available at Student Service Centre (Yusof Ishak House) / Bukit Timah Campus Management Office for the following groups of students: Bachelor Degrees (current students and students admitted from AY2005/6) Graduate Degrees (current students and students admitted from AY2004/5) S$10.70 per copy. Notes: Processing time excludes delivery time by post. An additional 2 working days is required during the busy periods of commencement , 2 weeks before the start of each examination and during the examination periods. Please note that once your application has been submitted, the payment made is non-refundable. This applies to orders payable via NETS, Cash or electronic means (e.g. credit card and internet banking). You will receive an autogenerated email to confirm receipt of your transcript application and to inform you on the various processing stages of your application i.e. whether it is being processed, mailed out or ready for collection. For current students, you may also check your application status online. Transcripts which are not collected 3 months from date of application will be destroyed, unless otherwise instructed. Hence, if you wish to obtain your transcript(s) which was/were not collected by the stipulated period, you will have to submit a fresh application and make payment again.

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