Applications and advantages of investment casting

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So-called investment casting process, is a simple fusible materials can melt in the sexual model, some special coating layer of refractory coating, after drying and forming an integrated shell, reoccupy steam or hot melt away from the shell, then the model of sand box shell in filling in the round, modelling, finally will dry sand casting has been put in high-temperature roasting, casting or shell after roasting, in which the pouring molten metal and casting.

Investment casting dimension precision, generally can reach CT4-6, of course, due to the investment casting process complex, the influence factors of the dimension precision casting mould material, such as shrinkage, the deformation and shell in heating and cooling process line changes, the shrinkage and alloy casting during solidification process of deformation etc., so ordinary revestment precision castings, but its consistency, although still need to improve.

When pressing revestment by cavity surface finish high pressure, therefore, is of surface finish is high. In addition, the shell by high temperature resistant special binder and refractory materials preparation of refractory coatings hanging in the molten metal, and made the cavity in direct contact with high surface finish. Therefore, the investment casting surface finish than general casting high, can reach Ra. 1.6 ~ 3.2 muon m.

Casting the biggest advantage is due to the investment casting with high precision and surface finish, so can reduce machining parts in the work, but a higher requirement of the position, and even some limits.but can only leave buffing and casting, machining allowance can be used. Thus, the welding casting method can save machine equipment and processing of metal materials, greatly saves.

Investment casting method of another advantage is that it can be cast all kinds of alloy castings, especially the complex of high temperature alloy castings can cast. As the jet engine blades, the streamline the contour and cooling with inner cavity machining process, with almost can’t form. In investment casting process not only can batch production, to ensure the consistency of casting, machining and avoid the grain after the residual stress concentration.

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