Anyone have luck with setting up home based eBay business

by Guest20997367  |  10 years, 1 month(s) ago

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I just want to know that anyone have luck with setting up business on home for eBay?

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  1. Marie

     Any one have luck with setting up home based eBay business. You can get this type of business started for free. All it takes from you to get started is to learn how to get around in the eBay site, products to sell and then setting up an auction and/or an eBay store.The products that you sell will be your responsibility to find. You have many ways that can be used to locate products that will be profitable for you to sell. Some of the different ways you can use to locate products include:

    - Your own home
    - Garage or estate sales
    - Flea markets
    - Dropshipping
    - Wholesalers

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