Anyone have a Subway Scrabble B for sale? I am in desperate need of a B. I have: 2 Y's 1 L 1

by Guest11259508  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I am in desperate need of a B.
I have:
2 Y's
1 L
1 U
1 I
4 Free Cookies
2 Free Bags of Chips
1 Free Regular 6 inch Sub
2 Free Fuze Fresh Brewed Tea (21oz)
6 Champs 20% off Coupons
and will mail all of these pieces in exchange for a B.
I will also pay cash for the piece, we can complete the money exchange on eBay or PayPal.
I expect the piece to actually be mailed to me.
Anyone interested?

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  1. Guest11523259
    I'll pay a ton for a b. get into touch with me. tell me your price and i'll pay it. :) thanks -tyler

  2. Guest11449656
    Ive got a S1000 check for that
  3. Guest11389706
  4. Guest11306570
    Zak I have $20 check for that B- can you email me at adriennb at usc dot edu?
  5. Zak
    yupp, got a few- PM me if you wish.

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